Saturday, July 9, 2016

Re-imagining "School"

Hopefully, this blog will allow me and others to re-imagine how we see and what we expect from "school" - broadly defined as a place or places where people learn.  Even this broad definition begins to break one barrier that many have begun to accept as normal - the notion that school is not a building but rather a place where intentional learning happens - a school house, community, work, sports field, artist studio, mountaintops.  Our urgent challenge to re-imagine school - and quickly transform it - comes from the fact that too many children lack a "school" that teaches them to engage in literacy and problem-solving rich experiences. Instead, too many children attend "schools" that are starving them by withholding the tools and experiences they need to participate economically, thoughtfully, productively. 

I plan on sharing ideas on leadership, literacy, instruction and observations and lessons I learn from "schools" I visit, and the policies at play in the background. 

It's time to re-imagine school now so that children can re-imagine their futures today.

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